Bostik Never-Seez NSB-150 Black Moly Lube 1 lb Flat Top Can

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Bostik Never-Seez NSB-150 Black Moly Lube (Extreme Pressure) Anti-Seize (1 lb. Can)

NSB-150 Never Seez Black Moly Anti-Seize is formulated to protect and lubricate metal parts in high friction, high pressure environments. Designed for industrial applications requiring the non-destructive assembly and disassembly of press-fit components, this extreme pressure lubricant is especially effective under extreme pressures involving heavy loads and slow speed resulting in boundary lubrication conditions. Black Moly Grease contains a high concentration of molybdenum disulfide that is able to withstand pressures to 500,000 psi and temperatures reaching 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for a variety of applications including equipment break-in, machine tool parts, hot exhaust fans, screw jacks, crushing mills, steel forming gates and slides, press fit assemblies, and highly loaded bearings less than 500 RPM.

"Your parts will never seize, when you use Bostik Never-Seez"