Bostik Never-Seez NMCBT-16 Mariners Choice Anti-Seize (1 lb. Brush Top Can)

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Bostik Never-Seez Mariners Choice 1 lb. (Brush Top Can)

Never-Seez® Mariner's Choice NMCBT-8, Marine Grade Never Seez, is formulated to prevent rust, galling and galvanic corrosion in salt water, salt air and high-moisture environments. Excellent for use both above and below the water line, this marine grade anti-seize and lubricating compound offers extreme pressure resistance and protection up to 2,450 ºF. Comprised of graphite, calcium fluoride, aluminum powder and zinc oxide this Never Seez Marine Grease may be used on bilge piping, screw shafts, pop shaft bearing housings, hatch covers, porthole studs, rigging and hoist cables, water pump gaskets and flanges.

"Your parts will never seize, when you use Bostik Never-Seez"