Bostik Never-Seez NHT-120B High Temp Bearing Lubricant 120 lb. drum

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Bostik Never-Seez High Temp Bearing Lubricant 120 lb. Drum

Bostik Never-Seez High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is an exclusive combination of a specially formulated high temperature grease and lubricating enhancers that provide long lasting lubrication at temperatures between 500°F and 1000°F. High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is recommended for ball and roller bearings, bushings, open and sealed bearings.

Suggested applications:  Process oven bearings, heat treat ovens and furnaces, kiln ovens and casters, oven damper controls, high temperature exhaust fans

  • Excellent lubrication even at temperatures between 500°F to 1000°F (260°C to 538°C)
  • Has no “dropping point” (will not melt), suitable for vertical mounted applications
  • Contains no metallic particles.
  • Not compatible with traditional greases—purge or clean old grease thoroughly from system
  • Speed factor (n x dm) less than 150,000

"Your parts will never seize, when you use Bostik Never-Seez"